Alcoholism | A True Story

God Kabir says that consumption of a drop of alcohol gets one 70 lives of a dog in the next births. Alcohol and other intoxicants apart from being social evils are a detriment in the path of worship. If a soul is addicted to any kind of intoxicant such as cigarette, tobacco, alcohol, drugs etc., achieving salvation is an impossible task. One has to renounce these addictions before one can perform proper worship after taking initiation from a Complete Saint. 

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The video below is based upon a true story and showcases a typical household infested with the tyrant of alcohol addiction. It portrays how families are ruined by this social evil and how lives are affected. A common man who is not acquainted with the core knowledge (tatvagyan) is only cognisant of the visible drawbacks of this addiction but is oblivious to the spiritual obstacles this addiction poses especially in the path of worship.

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