Is Śrāddha Certified in Holy Gita & Vishnu Purana? Let’s Examine

Creatures residing in the region of Brahm-Kaal suffer in 84 lacs life-forms viz: animals, reptiles, birds, Ghosts, Phantoms, Pitras, Human Beings, and so on. Why are these life forms obtained is an enduring question people would want to know?. This is because the creatures residing in Kaal’s twenty-one universes are cursed to suffer due to the fault they committed in the eternal world Satlok / Sachkhand which is the native place of all souls. A spiritual practice that is devoid of the injunctions of scriptures, that is, arbitrary conduct leads souls to attain different life forms whereas the true worship of Supreme God granted by an enlightened saint helps soul obtain human life in which true worship can be performed and the ultimate goal of human life which is to attain emancipation can be achieved. Another reason is that unscriptural practice such as carrying out Śrāddhas of deceased ancestors means worshipping Ghosts, Phantoms, etc., Pilgrimage, and visiting holy shrines- T

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