Awareness of Religious Hypocrisy

As the world lies in a deep slumber of spiritual ignorance, the Almighty God Himself descends to provide the true spiritual knowledge, which alone stands as the truth in this mortal land where everything is fake! This human body is the most priceless possession, as only in this cover, can we follow the true method of worship by coming under the refuge of the Real Saint and land back on the immortal ever happy & plentiful abode.

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Numerous gurus are present in the current era, who are negatively playing with the precious lives of naive devotees. Through this article, let us understand the myths and false notions that had been spread by these so-called intelligent minds, which cause more harm than good.

MYTH 1: God is Formless

Many saints destroyed their body by going to jungles and mountains, with the sole motive of attaining God! While numerous fake gurus misled the devotee community by telling that God is for