Eliminating Social Evils

In this world where people are cursed for sins that are carried out unknowingly, there are people who are found indulging in vices knowingly as well. Malpractices like meat consumption, intoxication, female foeticide & infanticide, adultery etc. have taken a toll on the thinking abilities of people and have converted them into devils!

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Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has initiated and led a strong movement against all sorts of social evils, that are barriers in the path of worship as well as great hindrances for humanity.

Meat Consumption

  1. When an animal gets killed on the roadside, people can’t dare to look at it. Strikingly, the same beautiful creature is ruined by the butcher in a similar fashion and is eaten by humans, acting like demons! Is this the quality of intelligence that people possess?
  2. People talk about the proteins that they get from eating the flesh of animals. In no c