Intoxication Free World

Majority of the world’s population is involved in intake of intoxicants of one kind or the other, not realizing the bitter fact that they are adding in their life account, some heavily paid sins! Numerous people want to leave their habit of intoxication, but, every effort ends in vain.

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With the heart mending true spiritual knowledge provided by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, an Intoxication Free World is soon to emerge!

Ill Effects of Intoxication

  • Alcohol or any type of intoxicant directly hits the nervous system and makes it weak. The person becomes fragile with every intake and his brain starts malfunctioning. No matter what type of narcotic a person consumes, intelligent people will have to realise the fact, that these intoxicants are our body’s and soul’s greatest enemies.

Kabir, bhaang bhakhe ball buddhi ko,